The Castanhal campus has several laboratories used for the development of research in different areas of knowledge, they are:


1) Laboratory of Accessibility (LAcess): Equipped with two computers and suitable material to assist people with disabilities;

2) Laboratory of Biological Bases, Biochemistry, Nutrition and Physiology (Labioqnef): It has two air-conditioned rooms, which are used as a pedagogical space to carry out theoretical and practical classes, in addition to serving as support for projects linked to the Faculty of Physical Education. It has some equipment used in physical evaluations and three microscopes;

3) Laboratory of Physiopharmacology: With a 50m2 physical structure, it has 24 specific types of equipment;

4) Laboratory of Food Hygiene and Quality: With a physical area of ​​130m2, it has 20 specific types of equipment;

5) Computer Lab: With 30 high performance PCs, destined to the Faculty of Computing, but can also be assigned to the others, by prior appointment. Also, with internet;

6) Computer Lab: Equipped with 40 high performance PCs, with internet, for use by all Faculties according to demand and previous scheduling;

7) Computer Laboratory for General Consultation: It has 15 basic PCs intended for the use of students for internet consultations and to perform typing and printing of academic works;

8) Laboratory of Mathematics Informatics: Has 30 PCs, with internet, high performance configuration, used by the Faculty of Mathematics, but can also be assigned to other Faculties as required. Information Access Building;

9) Language Laboratory: It consists of a room where study and research activities are carried out by professors and undergraduates of the Faculty of Letters;

10) Laboratory of Animal Nutrition: With a physical area of ​​110m2, it also has a poultry shed of 230 m2 and is equipped with 26 specific types of appliances;

11) Laboratory of Clinical Pathology: Works in an area of ​​40m2 and has 13 specific types of equipment;

12) Laboratory of Animal Parasitology: Works in an area of ​​80m2 and has 20 specific types of equipment;

13) Laboratory of Animal Pathology: Installed in an area of ​​180m2, it contains 17 specific types of equipment;

14) Experimental Laboratory of Mathematical Modeling (LEMM): Composed of units of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and equipped with several resources for the application of theoretical and practical knowledge;

15) Multi-user Laboratory of Infectious Disease: It is installed in an area of ​​80m2, equipped with 15 specific types of devices;

16) Multi-user Laboratory of Immunodiagnosis and Molecular Biology Applied to Animal Health in the Amazon: It occupies an area of ​​71.5 m2 and is equipped with 20 specific types of devices;

17) Pedagogical Laboratory - Toy Library: It is constituted as an interdisciplinary space that is linked mainly to the curricular activities of teaching, research and extension of numerous curricular components of Pedagogy courses and other degrees and is equipped with different resources;

18) Computer Resources: The Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Campus of Castanhal, has a Computer Laboratory to assist undergraduate and graduate students, with 20 updated computers and connected to the internet by network system.


Reproduction Biotechnology Center (CEBRAN)

With a covered area of ​​1580m2, it has two laboratories:

1) Laboratory of Bovine and Bubalin Semen Processing and Freezing: It has an area of ​​20m2;

2) Laboratory of Embryo Handling: It has an area of ​​20m2;