Course Offers

The Program's professor, Professor João Manoel da Silva Malheiro, participates in an extension project that seeks to discuss with teachers who teach the discipline of Science in the public municipal and state education network in the northeast of Pará, the theoretical matrix of active learning methodologies and their possibility of be implemented in science classes. The project foresees two practical courses per year, coordinated by Professor Cristovam Wanderley Picanço Diniz, for 20 teachers and 80 students in each edition. The project currently has the financial support of the Education Observatory Project.


Research development

Coordinated by the teacher, Professor Gisela Macambira Villacorta, the research project “Educadores do Campo: genres and identities” integrates teaching, research and extension, providing undergraduate students in the Social Sciences involved, working with the Movement of Landless Rural Workers (MST), developing research on various dimensions of culture, such as religion, gender, race relations, memory and identity based on the trajectories of the so-called "Educadoras do Campo", an expression verbalized both by the Movement and by the academics involved with the discussion of "Educação do Campo" (Pronera-Pedagogia). In this sense, within an anthropological approach, we seek to discuss the concept of education as a process of cultural learning.