Dissemination of knowledge

The Program's professor, Denis Lima do Rosário, participates in a research project that aims to stimulate and train students at the Federal University of Pará in order to allow them to create and disseminate scientific and technological knowledge in Infocenters supported under NAVEGAPARÁ, among them , Paes de Carvalho State High School and Lauro Sodré State Elementary and High School. The implementation of this project aims to reflect on the increase in the level of education contributing to the elevation of the Human Development Index (HDI) in the target community. Another important aspect is to motivate students and the population to develop new projects, to participate in science fairs, cultural and scientific events, as well as to motivate the exchange of experience between UFPA and society.


Standardization of UFPA Graduate Program sites

Coordinated by professor Marcos Seruffo, the project to create and standardize websites for the Graduate Programs (PPGs) strictu sensu of the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) aims to create a unique visual identity for the PPGs websites, demonstrating the link institutional with UFPA and the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies (PROPESP) from the domain proposed for the new pages, intuitive interface and minimum content required from the PPGs. With the use of the free content management platform Joomla, it is possible to formulate a website standard and administer it in a simple and intuitive way, facilitating the updating of pages by the coordinators and staff of each PPG. The new pages are trilingual (Portuguese, Spanish and English), meeting the specification of the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes) and bringing information in a more globalized way. The initiative was proposed by the Pro-Rectory for Research and Graduate Studies (PROPESP), and as development partners the Multimedia Research and Experimentation Laboratory of the Distance Education Advisory (AEDi / UFPA) and the Laboratory for Development of Systems (LADES) of the Faculty of Computing of the University Campus of Castanhal.